Feature Ideas

  1. Grid titles text limit (Recently Implemented in the PRO Version, Please update to the latest version to get it.)

    Cannot match the height of the product grids. Grid titles require a text limiter.

    Ashan H
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  2. Woo Grid/Slider/Carousel

    Woo Grid/Slider/Carousel it should have the option for separate settings of the gutters for different devices... Fit row - Equal hight settings doesn´t work for me Option "sorting" seems not to have a translation to other languages (German in my case) Would be nice to have a list option like Amazon for Mobile devices with Product Image left - Text right

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  3. Option: Import One Page Template instead of whole Templates Kit

    You will be able to import any Page from any Templates Kit without importing a full content.

    Royal Addons
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  4. Backdrop-filter-blur

    Backdrop filter blur is used in so many UIs. It helps to put into focus certain elements because you can read the icon or text on a backdrop blur while also not being too noticeable, because it still takes the background elements colors. There's no drastic change in color, which there would be if there was only a solid or gradient background.



  5. Ability to Change Template KIT Main Colors and Fonts before importing it.

    Add the option to Change Template KIT Main Colors and Fonts before importing it.

    Royal Addons
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  6. Expanded/Custo, Taxonomy Selection & Dropdown for Taxonomy List Widget

    For our site, we had to implement a custom taxonomy plug-in (Pods) in order to customize everything exactly how we needed it. The current Taxonomy List Widget does not allow the custom taxonomy/categories we added. It may also be a good feature to have a dropdown list that shows category hierarchy automatically. These two features combined would allow for a more dynamic menu look and eliminate the need to create and manage a category menu manually. Our categories consist of automotive/motorcycle makes, models and chassis information. Managing a menu or list that consists of 100s of data points manually is not ideal. The same could be said of others using custom taxonomies for their sites.

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  7. Remove text clickability (hand on hover effect also)

    Hi! I had a such problem. I made a simple table that does not require clickability on the text or a link to another page. And I also don't need a hand for the hover effect (which means that the text is clickable). It would be great if the developers made it possible to change this feature. If I want to add a link - make the text active and with the hand on the hover effect. If this is a simple text, please remove your hand on the hover effect. I hope I described everything in detail. Thank you!

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  8. Lazy load products on Woo Grid/Slider/Carousel

    I've got around 100 products listed in the grid. I don't want pagination since it's not working properly with the filters, and it's better for SEO to display all products. But it's a disaster for page speed. Score in Google Page Speed for mobile with all products listed is around 20. With just 6 products listed the Page Speed Score is 60.



  9. Add more filters and Query Parameters to extend the Taxonomy List Widget

    If you look at my Mega Menu here– https://prnt.sc/4ypn0887K8Ow ——– You will see that it has 3 Columns. Now, these 3 Columns belong to a Parent Category called “Skincare“. So, in essence, Skincare has 3 Subcategories. Then, these 3 Subcategories then have their own children. This is the Structure: PARENT CATEGORY: Skincare SUBCATEGORIES: By Routine || By Skin Type || By Skin Concern DESCENDANTS OF SUBCATEGORY: 1.) By Routine => Cleanser, Moisturizer, Toner, etc. 2.) By Skin Type => Acne-prone, Dry Skin, Oily Skin, etc. THE SITUATION AND FEATURE REQUEST The situation is that I used your Taxonomy List Widget, and it listed out all the Categories that I have. But what I wanted was something that will Pull my Categories, then will be able to filter down to the Subcategories, and further down to the child Categories. When I tried to add the Taxonomy List to my Footer, it loaded all my Categories–Parent, Subcategory and descendant categories, so that the Footer spread into 3 Pages, and gave me an insanely long list. See it here– https://prnt.sc/uZfIDncM-3Vl This list in my screenshot is 1 over 3 of the list. This means I have this list multiplied by 3. I guess by now, you can see how insanely long the list is? But if there was a Filter, I will simply say “Show Parent Category Only“– and this will reduce the list to just 5 items. So it is necessary to add more Filters and Query parameters to the Taxonomy List widget-- so that we can reduce an insanely long list of Parent Category, Subcategory and descendant categories to just Parent Category, or Parent and direct child Category.

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  11. Disable the popup for subscribed user or One who has closed it

    Disable the popup for subscribed user or One who has closed it