Feature Ideas

  1. Product Filter

    Would like horizontal orientation options for the look

    Sung H


  2. Style children of taxonomy list differently from parents

    For best user experience, children categories should have a different style than parents. Instead of having to add a bunch of custom CSS, it would be nice to be able to style the children in the editor panel.

    #Styling 🎨


  3. Text/ title appears when mouse hovers over an Image

    It would be great to have the option to let a text appear when you hover over an image. That way you can make the site look "cleaner" because you avoid a title/ text that is under/ above the image. This feature is very commonly used by a lot of shopping websites for example.

    #Idea 💡#Styling 🎨#Integration 🔗


  4. Navigate submenu using keyboard

    In terms of accessibility, it would be great if submenus could also be accessed via the keyboard (without having to make inconvenient changes to functions.php).

    #Idea 💡#Integration 🔗


  5. Make tables easier to fill

    Make it more user friendly, I have spent literally hours filling tables. Maybe letting the user import a CSV?

    #Idea 💡


  6. Enable equal height option

    Coz height variation comes when we add more in a single column



  7. dark mode menu

    I would like to be able to change colours in the dark menu, especially in the dark mode. There is no such option now :)

    #Styling 🎨


  8. Add Cloudflare Turnstile

    Add Cloudflare Turnstile as a method of countering the bots for Forms and Comments sections as you have done with reCAPTCHA? It is doing better Job to stop the Bots attacks and the same tine does not affect the score of the website in Pagespeed Insights.

    #Integration 🔗


  9. Sort Image Grid/Slider/Carousel filter categories

    It would be great if we would be able to sort the categories in filters by ourselves. Because right now it filters alphabetically, and sometimes you need to sort those categories differently. Hadn't found a solution how to fix it yet.

    #Idea 💡#Styling 🎨


  10. Wishlist and compare

    I need to find Wishlist and compare in the plugin

    Omar A


  11. Import Data to Table with upload csv allow custom DataType,

    I would like it to be possible to import a csv table to the Custom DataType Mode so that I can modify each line individually, the font coloring, and the styles without being in a general and uniform way, because the current mode only allows uploading the file and it does not allow customizing the style of rows and columns individually as in the Custom DataType mode, it would be enough to allow uploading a .CSV file to load the "Custom DataType" data

    Cassio Sousa dos S
    #Idea 💡


  12. Multilingual integration

    Building multilingual websites

    #Misc 🤷‍♂️


  13. Woo Grid/Slider/Carousel

    The like function now only shows the amount of likes. It would be nice to expand this function with a save / favourite option. So you can see all the products you liked / saved. indicated as 'featured' will have a green border and a custom label like 'featured' of 'most popular'.

    #Idea 💡#Styling 🎨


  14. AJAX Search Option to disable Description

    So far it is only possible to show / disable thumbnails but not the description. When I set Description Number of Words to 0 it still shows empty space, thats why it would be great to disable it completely.

    #Idea 💡#Integration 🔗


  15. Search filter

    Allow users to adjust their filters to types of categories they want to search, if they want to search posts or videos, etc.